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i’m a pen and paper kind of gal

I never thought that me, of all people, could say that I designed my very own website. My apartment is covered in notebooks, markers and pads of to-do lists. I use a calendar on my wall to keep track of dates - apparently you can do all that on an iPhone. So the technological challenge of building my own site has been mentally and emotionally draining. I didn’t know fonts and Pantone color schemes could keep me up at night.

Now that it’s done, I just sit here and click through and press refresh and smile. So, I hope you take the time to browse through my fancy little pages (and if you are tech savvy - email me with your feedback.)

Although I admit I have a newfound love for my MacBook, my passion for paper is undeniable.
I believe in the power of a handwritten note. I believe that snail mail warms a person’s heart more than even the sweetest text.

And I believe calligraphy is timeless.

What I enjoy most about designing handmade cards, addressing your wedding envelopes, or creating signs for your baby’s birthday is that it is personalized to you. It adds that extra human touch, that we all need sometimes.


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list of services

  • envelope addressing

  • place cards & escort cards

  • seating charts

  • custom wood signs

  • custom chalkboard signs

  • custom mirror/glass signs

  • table numbers

  • custom cards for any occasion


I love trying new ideas and projects so if you'd like my handwriting for something you don't see on my site, just contact me and we can chat!